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At G3, we help businesses create better, more inclusive work environments.

Our Solutions & Services

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Equity Audit

Assess your organization's efficiency and teamwork with our focused internal review. Through targeted surveys and interviews, we identify key challenges your team faces. The results of your audit allow us to make recommendations centered around your particular business goals.


Creating Value Through Inclusive Cultures (CVIC) ®

We help you elevate your team with our inclusive leadership program. CVIC® focuses on building equitable, life-affirming workplaces led by inclusive leaders where everyone feels heard and valued.

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Inclusive Hiring

Streamline your hiring to be fair and inclusive from start to finish. We optimize each step, from recruitment to retention, while helping you adapt your workplace culture for everyone's success.

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Curated Expert Consultation

Personalized executive and business coaching based on our CVIC® principles to enhance leadership skills and workplace culture. We offer one-on-one guidance to help you create an inclusive, high-performing organization.

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