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We help you elevate your team with our CVIC® Program: Building equitable, life-affirming workplaces where everyone feels heard and valued.

Creating Value Through Inclusive Cultures (CVIC)® Program

CVIC® is a human-centric workforce development program that helps your team become the best it can be by building positive, fair, and welcome workplaces.

We work with you to co-create a customized plan that fits your organization’s specific needs, using grant money that may be available to help fund the training. We are experts in creating inclusive cultures through planning, organizing, and offering specialized training. we help people discover and use their hidden leadership and work skills.

Our goal is to inspire everyone to aim higher, learn more, and get the most out of life.

Our (CVIC)® Program is an inclusive leadership program that can transform your teams performance.


Equity Audit


Learning Modules



  • Who is CVIC® appropriate for?
    Any organization, special interest project or apprenticeship program looking to inspire, educate, coach, and transform individual lives for the betterment of themselves and their teams.
  • What is the cost?
    Each organization and project is different, so your price depends on the coaching and learning modules you choose.
  • Do you offer financial assistance?
    Part of our promise is to help qualified organizations access state funds to cover the cost of our programs. If you pay into unemployment in your state, you may be able to qualify for funds to pay for workforce development programs such as CVIC®.
  • How long does it take?
    Between 6 learning modules and practices that enhance and deepen the learning, we recommend applying CVIC in an 18 to 24 months timeframe.
  • How do I sign up?
    Book a time with our team to explore your project or organization’s needs and how our CVIC® Program can help.
  • Can I see a description of services?
    Review our learning modules and practical applications in our CVIC® Program catalog.

How does our CVIC® Program Work?

Quick Sync

Our trainings are designed to build on one another as learning deepens and new skills are continuously applied.

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