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Collaborative Coaching Consortium (C3) is G3’s way of bringing our way of teaching and coaching to the rest of the world.

Our Collaborative Coaching Consortium (C3) Program

Our Collaborative Coaching Consortium (C3) Program will provide your with the tools and strategies they need to engage learners and maximize the effectiveness of the material being taught. You will acquire the skills and tools for taking Learning and Development to the next level. This training program is good for anyone looking to support, and make an impact with other teachers, and have additional income! If you are an executive director, training manager, subject-matter expert, new and/or experienced instructor in the field who is interested in learning how to coach and facilitate with G3, we want to hear from you.

At G3, we believe in the principle that at a basic level…TRAINING DOESN'T WORK! How many training sessions have you sat through and thought "I could do this so much better"? If so, come find out why 95% of trainings DO NOT work ,and what skills coaches and facilitators need to create consistent impact during each training course.

The learning experience offered in C3 focuses on improving a facilitators’ ability to: 

  • Understand and use Transformational Learning Models.

  • Engage learners in Experiential Learning Platforms. 

  • Introduce concepts and skills clearly.

  • Support people in the development of critical skill sets. 

  • Assist participants in creating action plans for greater success.

  • Become a Practitioner of the training and learning.

If you're interested in learning more, get in touch with us today at

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