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The role of facilitator is an important one.

Facilitators are observers, listeners, negotiators, supporters and coaches. We might think of facilitators as people who can empower workshop participants by asking more detailed questions about their ideas. Facilitators might assist them in understanding different perspectives and ways of thinking about a challenge or a goal. You’re the person who guides them through the learning process and helps them become more comfortable.

  • Do you have experience in the classroom?

  • Have you worked in Early Childhood Education?

  • Do you have a passion for teaching?

G3 is looking for Facilitators for our Skill-based and Creating Value through Inclusive Cultures (CVIC)/Team-based courses. Explore our Collaborative Coaching Consortium (C3) page to see how you could qualify as a G3 Facilitator. Already have some expertise? Reach out directly at We' are eager to discuss how you could fit into our team.

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