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By G3 Staff

May 28, 2019

G3 Consult Group welcomes Marlén Rodriguez-Wolfe as the new President.

(Boston, MA -  May 13th, 2023)  G3 Consult Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Marlén Rodriguez- Wolfe as the new President. As President, Ms. Rodriguez Wolfe will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company's operations, including sales, marketing, finance, people and culture practices that embody the Operationalizing Consciousness™ model to be published in founder Susan Leger-Ferraro’s book (published by Forbes Publishing, Fall 2023). Ms. Rodriguez-Wolfe, an Emmy-award-winning executive, brings a deep understanding of the company's equitable culture, JEDI+B values, and expansion goals to her new role. Ms. Rodriguez-Wolfe also brings more than 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry, from providing direct services to pediatric and adult populations in the premiere hospitals in the country to being CEO of The UKC, a global non-profit organization supporting medically fragile children through music.


Marlén co-created the Musical Sprouts curriculum in 2008, which is still delivered at Little Sprouts locations to this day.

"We are thrilled to have Marlén as our new President and to work with her again after first employing her at Little Sprouts in 2008" said Susan Leger Ferraro, Founder of G3 Consult Group, "Her executive acumen, strategic vision, and passion for social justice and equity make her the ideal candidate to take our company to the next level, supporting system-impacted individuals in the helping industries through access to learning and innovative capital. She has the brilliance of an activist and the soul of an artist. We are delighted to have her lead our global expansion " Ms. Rodriguez-Wolfe initially joined G3 to support The Level Up Project, an apprenticeship model for teachers funded by the Workforce Competitive Trust Fund Grant, which aims to support MA employees that qualify as underemployed or low-earning individuals. The $600,000 grant is funded by Senator Kenneth J. Donnelly's Workforce Success Grant (Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund FY’21 Appropriation) through the Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development.

G3 Consult Group is a global workforce development organization initially started in 1998 to address the inequities of learning and development opportunities that exist in the education industry. “We realized that while our corporate counterparts received multiple opportunities for education and growth throughout their employment, teachers nationwide did not have access to the same privileges.” says founder Leger-Ferraro “Because of our innovative approach of centering teacher development as part of our business model, our schools ranked in the top 3% of the Early Childhood Education and Care centers around the nation, making us the only recipient  of the Early Reading First (ERF) grant award three times consecutively receiving more than 10 million dollars in funding.” These ERF awards allowed Leger-Ferraro and her team to create the basis of what is today the Creating Value Through Inclusive Cultures (CVIC)™ model. G3’s flagship workforce development program, CVIC™ explores essential human-centric skills of authentic communication, the art of listening, strengths-based leadership and other learning and coaching experiences that promise to transform any culture. Since then, G3 has worked with dozens of national and global organizations delivering high-quality services that promise to transform any work culture.

Ms. Rodriguez-Wolfe joins the team with former Massachusetts Secretary of Labor Mr. Ron Walker, currently serving as  G3’s Strategic Advisor and Equity Officer. “I am honored to support G3 in our mission to provide growth opportunities for the workforces of such vital industries.” shared Mr. Walker “Much of my work while in office centered on the need for increased funding and systems change for the essential industries in Massachusetts. I am honored to collaborate with Susan and Marlén to expand impact in these industries for Massachusetts and the country”. While G3 primarily serves clients in Early Childhood Education in Massachusetts, they also support corporate clients like The Body Shop and healthcare systems such as the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers, providing training, consultations on inclusive hiring models, and ongoing workforce development practices for their teams. 

Ms. Rodriguez-Wolfe added, "I am honored to bring my past experiences in healthcare and the non-profit sector to  lead such a passionate and dedicated team. I look forward to working closely with our employees, customers, and partners to drive growth and innovation for the helping industries which are traditionally under-supported when it comes to leadership training, equitable compensation, and growth opportunities."  

Marlén presents her research on music and executive function at the Humanities in Medicine Symposium at The Mayo Clinic.

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